George Takeda, OD

Optometrist located in Pasadena and the surrounding Los Angeles County Area

About Dr. Takeda

  • Medical Optometry

I have served as a medical optometrist for the Foothill Eye Medical Group for the past 20 years managing and co-managing the whole spectrum of medical conditions that can occur at a busy comprehensive ophthalmology office. My main emphasis though is in glaucoma and diabetic eye care. I have been glaucoma certified since 2004 and Therapeutic Prescription Authority certified since 1998 in the state of California.

I attended California State University at Fullerton for my undergraduate studies and Illinois College of Optometry at the Illinois Eye Institute for my Optometry degree. Currently, in addition to my duties as a clinician, I speak for Allergan and Alcon on their glaucoma medications all along the west coast. I also sit on the advisory board for the annual Allergan glaucoma meeting in Costa Mesa.